She used to attend Linda Vista school — now she’s a teacher there

Tairen Calvo Solano entered the ChildHope school Linda Vista, in Costa Rica, as a kindergartner.

“The ChildHope school helped me to understand that despite where I lived, things could be different, that by following the example of Jesus, my life and that of my family could be better,” she says.

Tairen Calvo grew up, graduated, qualified to go to college, and was able to get a teaching certification — then returned to Linda Vista school as a teacher herself.

“With my job I seek to provide my students with tools that will give them hope that a better world is possible, that God’s love can do everything, and that if we maintain a relationship with Him our dreams can be achieved.”

Tairen Calvo’s students see her example before them every day, along with her loving words and quality instruction, and it is shaping young lives for eternity.  

Tairen Calvo Solano (back right) used to attend Linda Vista school — today she is a teacher there.

[From the September 2020 issue of ChildHope’s Compañeros publication.]