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You and your church can make an extraordinary difference for some of the neediest children on earth when you partner with ChildHope, whether you choose to provide funding or send a team to help with actual construction.

For more information or to find out which school might need your help, contact Mary Kathleen Mahon, ChildHope president, at [email protected].

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Choose from projects like these: 

Build a new classroom or classrooms

Put together a team of men and women from your church to build a classroom, classrooms or other addition onto an existing ChildHope school. Experience the unique culture around you while the work of your hands blesses countless children for generations to come.

Put a new roof on a school

The simple school buildings our students utilize in tropical environments often experience wear and tear more quickly than typical buildings in the U.S. When the degradation shows up in the roof, school can be disrupted and equipment ruined.

You or your church can fund a new roof or send a team to do the hands-on work — or both!

Sponsor a computer lab

Access to computer labs equipped with current technology is essential if ChildHope students are to gain the skills required to compete in today’s marketplace. This experience can lead them to employment opportunities not typically available to people in their communities and can help them break the curse of poverty in their families.

Computers can be purchased for as little as $500 each. A fully-equipped lab with 25 computers would cost roughly $12,500. Send the funds or bring the computers to the school yourself! See the excitement on the students’ faces as they sit down at a computer for the first time. You will be providing more than computers and keyboards, but doorways to new worlds and brighter futures.

Launch a science program

A solid foundation in the sciences will open doors for ChildHope graduates to pursue further training in fields like medicine and engineering — transforming not only their own lives but the communities around them.  You and/or your church can fund a new science lab and bring the equipment down yourself to meet the students who will benefit from your generosity.

Support Chicas/Chicos programs

The hours before and after school, when mothers leave early or stay late to work, are often the most dangerous for girls who attend our schools. The Chicas de Promesa program gives these girls a safe place to go and teaches them to see themselves the way God does — as people of incredible worth and purpose.

Chicos: Champions for Change is raising up boys to be a counter-cultural force in their homes and communities. Instead of seeking power and worth in gangs and violence, they are taught to find their identities in Christ, respecting themselves and the women around them.

Chicas and Chicos go one step further in raising up leaders to transform families, communities and generations in Latin American and the Caribbean. Your funding will provide space, equipment, personnel and so much more to make these programs possible.

Purchase books to fill a new library

Can you imagine growing up without books? Many ChildHope students are doing just that. Many don’t have access to public libraries and they can’t afford to buy books at home.

Our teachers will teach them to read with the textbooks your sponsorship provides. But YOU can provide the books that kids love to get lost in — the books that make reading fun and help them discover a world that is so much bigger than their small village!

Send the funds to purchase a new collection of books or, better yet, bring them down yourself and watch the smile spread over a child’s face as he opens his first picture book.

Build a playground

Love the sound of children laughing? Fund the purchase of new playground equipment and give kids a safe place to work out their wiggles and do the hard work of childhood — PLAY! Take a trip down to install that playground equipment and hear that laughter for yourself.

Give the gift of clean water

ChildHope has partnered with Sawyer Products to provide water filters to ChildHope families, schools and associated churches in places where clean drinking water is a hard to find.

We believe that by providing clean water, kids will miss less school and parents will miss less work due to waterborne diseases. Due to Sawyer’s generosity, we are able to buy quality filters that last 10 years or more at greatly reduced prices. You can join this partnership by committing the funding to buy those filters and send them where they are most needed in Latin America and the Caribbean. You and your team can even help us deliver them to the homes of ChildHope students and participate in training families how to use them.

For more information…

For more information or to find out which school might need your help, contact Mary Kathleen Mahon, ChildHope president, at [email protected].

Click for more ways to partner with us.

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