ChildHope Prayer Guide

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:3-4

The following are prayer requests from teachers, staff, school leadership, and pastors across our ChildHope schools. Please pray for these needs as the Lord brings them to mind. Thank you!


  • Creative solutions to better help our students and their families in sustainable ways. 


  • New laws may try to restrict religion in schools. Please pray that ChildHope schools and other Christian schools will not be prohibited from including Scripture and values education in the curriculum.
  • A 1985 eruption of the Del Ruiz volcano killed 25,000, and it is showing signs it may erupt again. Pray for safety of the families in this area.

Costa Rica

  • Pray for safety for the students and teachers amidst increased gang activity in several neighborhoods.
  • Some schools are in financial need. Pray that God raises up local or U.S. donors to help provide for the schools.

Dominican Republic

  • Public schools are in disarray and parents are flooding our schools with requests to enroll their children — pray for wisdom and resources as our schools struggle with overcrowding and the need to expand.  


  • Pray for the completion of our school in the slums of Guayaquil, including the funds to build, scholarships for kids, and no building hiccups.
  • Safety of students, staff and families amidst dangerous gang activity — Most of our teaching staff has been robbed multiple times on their way to and from the school.
  • Peace, security, and work for the people of Ecuador. Since the quarantines, the cities have become very dangerous as people are hungry and desperate without employment.


  • Peace and restoration of functional government with an end to gang violence.
    • Particular prayers for protection for the children, staff and teachers in Cité Soleil, a neighborhood in Port au Prince. 


  • Pray for us to find new teachers and staff, as well as strength and energy for our current faculty as they speak into the lives of our students.


  • For school to be a safe environment where students sense the presence and peace of God and feel safe confiding in our staff.
  • Scholarships for our high school graduates to go on to university and make an even greater difference in Paraguayan society.
  • Wisdom to deal with an increasingly hostile educational system that dictates costly requirements for Christian schools. 


  • Healing for two communities experiencing an epidemic of dengue fever, a serious mosquito-borne virus that causes bleeding, diarrhea, high fever, and extreme body pains. 
  • Wisdom and strength for our teachers to help students catch up with academic loss from pandemic lockdowns. 


  • Safety for our students and teachers — Hyperinflation, food scarcity, overall instability, and high crime rates make life difficult especially in the areas where ChildHope ministers.

For all countries we serve

  • Pray God will raise up our students to share the gospel with other children in their communities.
  • Pray for our teachers and staff, that the Lord will give them His words to speak into the lives of young people. 
  • Pray that students’ parents will be open to the Gospel and make a decision to follow Christ and that they will have steady employment so they can stay in their communities.  
  • Health, wisdom, and safety of all the missionaries, staff, and teachers.
  • May the Lord protect the minds and hearts of our children from the negative influence in their surroundings.

Special Request: Migration

Many ChildHope children are impacted by the migration of families moving in search of work and a better life. These migrations are difficult on the children. Sometimes they are withdrawn from school, and we don’t see them again; other times they return, but often they have suffered trauma in the meantime. 

We’re asking for particular prayer for children and families impacted by migration:

  • For the students who have left, please pray that they are aware of God’s presence wherever they go. Pray that the seed of God’s Word that was planted in their hearts would be nourished and they would continue to grow in faith.
  • For students who return to school, or who are able to enroll in school in their new home, please pray that God will use the teachers to minister God’s healing to them. 
  • For all students, please pray that God will use the schools and churches in these areas to fortify families and communities. 

Thank you for all you do to bring hope and share God’s love with the most vulnerable in Latin America and the Caribbean! Your prayers are powerful and effective.

Feel free to copy this Prayer Guide and share it with your church or small group.