Christmas Fund for Unsponsored Children

Thank you for giving an extra Christmas gift today to bless the children we serve together: Sharing Christmas joy and the love of Jesus at a very special time of the year!

Did you know, not every child who attends a ChildHope school knows the joy of having a sponsor. Many are able to attend only with the help of emergency funding.

But this means: there’s no sponsor to give an extra $20 at Christmas so they can be part of the annual Christmas party — and it’s a highlight of the year for the children we serve!

And the ChildHope Christmas party is about far more than gifts, music, and tasty treats. It’s one of the most powerful ways we share the Gospel with the children we serve — it can be the GIFT OF HOPE that leads to a child’s life-long transformation.

Just $20 per child can provide the Christmas gift and party that makes such an impact.

Would you prayerfully consider making a special gift to provide a Christmas party for these unsponsored children?

If you would like to set up automatically recurring monthly payments to this fund, click here.

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