Hope for Angela at Christmas

Angela was 8 years old when her mom abandoned the family.

Her dad, a bus driver, left for work every morning at 4 a.m. and didn’t arrive home until late in the evening.

He struggled just to put food on the table for his 5 children …

And little Angela stepped up to take care of her siblings.  When there’s food in the house, she makes breakfast for them — then she gets them ready to go to school.

At their ChildHope school in Bolivia, they have a respite from the hardships at home.  They are among friends, with caring teachers, receiving a great education, and growing in God, too.

They’re so grateful!

Today Angela is 12 years old.  She’s a hard-working 4th grader.  She doesn’t expect any Christmas gifts at home this year, and she understands.

The economic conditions are harsh all across Latin America and the Caribbean, and especially in the communities we serve!  Inflation, skyrocketing food prices —

Some families we serve have been plunged into dire circumstances.  

It’s heartbreaking!

But one thing Angela can rely on, because of friends like you, is that she and her siblings will get a Christmas gift, and a great holiday celebration, at school.

The Christmas party is truly a highlight of the year — gifts are selected with the children’s needs and wishes in mind … and these gifts are treasured all year long!  

It takes about $20 per child to give them the Christmas party and gift, chosen by the teachers who know students’ biggest needs.

For many of the children we serve, like Angela, the gift they receive at the party is the only gift they’ll receive this Christmas.  

Would you consider helping us provide a treasured gift and a beautiful Christmas party to unsponsored children today?

Thank you for your help with this special Christmas tradition — and for sharing Jesus’ love with these precious children this holiday season.